Thursday, June 18, 2009

Too Good to be True?

I spent most of the day today looking for "the catch", since everywhere I turned things seemed too good to be true. . .First, there was this sign I saw along the roadway in Cardiff:

Really?! Free flowers? I love flowers! I pulled into the parking lot, expecting to find some fine print on the back of the sign--a "Buy one bouquet, get the second one free" type of deal, perhaps. But, no! They were really and truly free.
Ok, so they were maybe a li-iitle on the wilty side and there was a tip jar out. Nonetheless, this guy was out there making free bouquets for whoever stopped in. He said that "he liked making people smile". I have a sneaky suspicion that the fact that, oh, say 99% of those people were women didn't hurt. Still, it was pretty awesome.
The second too-good-to-be-true moment happened today at the pool. I turned up to swim my favorite Masters workout at the Y in Encinitas, and they had shrunk the pool! That's right, shrunk it. It used to be 25 yards long, but apparently they decided to make it shorter overnight. That is really the most logical explaination for today's swim. I swam the main set of 20 x 150 yards on an interval that I usually can't even make period, much less hold easily. Sure, there may have been a little drafting practice involved (did you say 10 seconds? oh, I thought it was 3), but I was still swimming with people that usually swim circles around me and seeing times I haven't seen in quite awhile, or maybe ever. Odd. Jury is still out on this one.
I decided to reward myself for the afternoon's 6k swim with this:

Yup, a huge frozen yogurt. My biggest weakness, in case you haven't been paying attention. But, according to the nutritional info, it only contains 38 calories & zero grams of fat per half cup--that's practically like eating chocolate and peanut butter flavored lettuce! I'm waiting for the news report exposing this as a total sham, but until then, I'm going to keep telling myself it's true!!


  1. yum, that looks tasty!

    congrats on the swim!

  2. Ah! What a great guy! He even made me smile - and I'm 100000 miles away :)

  3. ok katya... that might be the most ridiculous analogy ever... chocolate and peanute butter flavored lettuce. hilarious.

  4. love it. i know- isn't the free flowers dude awesome? he loves the free hugs from hot ladies! yes- you killed it in the pool. but i think the pool was long yesterday, but that's my opinion :)

  5. Katya!!! You are going to rock at your next race! I think this is not the first good swim you had recently, good news travel fast and people from the camp told me you were swimming real well in Victoria! It's happening!!Imagine all the time you will take off that Ironman swim!! THIS IS VERY VERY EXCITING! The flowers were a sign! This was a key day for you! You should remember this when you take the start of the Ironman. YOU ARE A GOOD SWIMMER!! Keep it up! See ya in Victoria? You are racing Ironman France soon, aren't you?? Miss you!