Tuesday, June 9, 2009

10 x 1

This morning's run was one of those workouts that sort of stood out on the week's training plan--10 times 1 mile repeats at half marathon pace? Yikes. It sounded so scary that instead of my usual recruitment technique of waiting until the night before to find company, I sent out an email a whole 4 days ahead of time, which for me counts as some seriously advanced planning. Thank you Kim and Caroline for being so willingly suckered, I mean swayed, into things!

I also busted out some new running attire for the occassion. These are the new K-Swiss racerback tanks, my current fave.

As it turned out, this session was more about pacing than high end fitness. And, because I actually managed to resist the urge to go out too fast (for once!), this was quite possibly the easiest track workout I have ever done. With warm up and cool down, it was a breezy 15 mile workout with the repeats descending from 6:25 to 6:00 pace. A little recovery spin, masters swim, and trip to Costco rounded out the day.


  1. You better have gotten some Costco fro-yo! Miss those days. Nice job, France isn't going to know what hit them :)

  2. Nice run Katya! Im with Corbo, France is in for a BIG shocker... Love that tank too...

    I wish we could have ran together, oh wait, im not running for like a week, nevermind.

    HOPE the rest of your training GOES SUPER!!