Friday, June 12, 2009

Swimming with the Fishies

It was a legs off day on Friday--good thing. My comment about the "super easy" track workout on Tuesday came back to bite me in the @ss during some big workouts later in the week. . .go figure. When will I learn to not say such things?!

The day's ocean swims--yes, plural--were nice. I wouldn't say that I exactly have a natural affinity for the water, but I'm learning. Or, I'm trying to learn, anyway. To tell you the truth, even after all the swimming I've done, I still get a little nervous at the start of every open water swim. A few minutes into it, I'm good, but unless the water is roughly bath temperature and there are colorful fish to distract me--this picture is from the Caribbean in November--you're not getting any smiles from me right away.

This morning, the swim was a little more training focused and the only fish around were the ones I was keen on NOT seeing. But it was a beautiful day and I had good company, since for Swim # 1, I scored an invitation to what is officially known (by the founding members) as "the World's Greatest Swim Club". Using the words "swim" and "greatest" together would normally illicit some cynical retort from me, but like I said, the water and I are practicing getting along. The beachside hot tub and post swim bagels did go along way towards making up for the cold water. Also, 6 am is prime feeding time for big fish with big teeth; since we didn't see any of those, I am willing to count this one as a success.

Swim # 2 was with my friend Ben Sanson, aka "the Fish" on the triathlon circuit. He was the one that won the swim preem in Hawaii this year. In other words, when I say that Ben and I "swam together", I am referring to the fact that we shared the same square mile of ocean.

I considered utilizing my favorite present from Aquasphere--my fins. I chuck these guys on whenever I want to practice smoothing out my stroke, or I'm attempting to keep up with faster people. Then, I got real and decided there was no keeping up with him, fins or no fins, so I just swam back and forth between two buoys while he swam circles around me. Literally. I was feeling a little guilty for slowing him down, until the truth came out, which was that he was using it as cold water acclimatization for Escape from Alcatraz. Glad I could be helpful; )

Just for extra credit, I finished the day with one final trip back to the beach. No swimming this time, but Andy was going surfing so I went along just to soak the legs. If you're paying the coastal San Diego cost of living, you might as well take advantage of it!

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  1. I had my first open water swim last night. The water is so nice. I really don't know why I don't take advantage of it more often. Like you said, I live on the Coast, I may as well use it.