Friday, July 17, 2009


Nothing too exciting to report here, just getting back into the routine. Whoever coined the term "perfectly normal" had it exactly right. This week has been full of pretty normal daily living tasks, mixed in with a bit of light training. . .Sometimes, I even find ways to combine the two.

For example, yesterday's impromptu strength training routine, which involved a trip to the grocery store to restock the bare fridge and pantry. The store is about an 8-10 minute walk. . .far enough that it's faster to drive, close enough that you feel supremely guilty for doing so if you only need a few things. After being gone for a month, any sane person would have either A) realized they would need to buy more than usual and drive or B) limit themselves to a few immediately necessary items. Not me, though. I staggered up to the checkoutline with an overflowing basket so heavy/cumbersome that the checkout boy asked me three times if I needed help out to my car. Didn't help that only the 24 pack of Diet Coke (numero uno on the shopping list) was on sale. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I was walking home. A snapshot of the goods:

It took multiple stops to reshuffle, but I made it. Barely.

In an additonal attempt to be more green friendly, I've also been bike commuting to the pool. I seem to be very good at being environmentally conscious in the summer when the weather is perfect. It's hard to stay off the road right now, and I occasionally have to remind myself that this week is still about recovery. Here's a pic from one of my favorite rides, part of the "long cut" I took en route to the pool yesterday:

It was a very relaxing ride, other than an annoying rattling sound I kept hearing. I checked all of the things that someone with my limited mechanical skills knows how to check. Nothing. So, I did what any triathlete in the San Diego area would do and took it to the guys at B&L. I've come to them for all my bike issues over the years (trust me, there have been many), and they always sort things out. You're more or less guaranteed a few laughs while you're there, as well.

It took a bit, but we (and by "we", I mean Matt and Gordon) finally deduced that I had managed to drop a screw into the top tube when I reassembled it. Oopsies. It kept getting stuck, and required some serious skill to remove, but they once again sorted things out and sent me on my way. Thanks, guys!

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