Monday, April 13, 2009

Look What the Easter Bunny Brought Me!

I had a very exciting treat arrive this week, just in time for Easter. . .something even better than Peeps! A brand new Orbea Ordu, courtesy of Orbea and Shimano. I love it.

He/She--I haven't picked a name yet--is awesome! For our first real outing, we rode the Swamii's group ride, a fast paced group consisting of real deal cyclists. This is the ride that all the pros do when they come to town, and this being San Diego, there seems to always be someone in town. It starts off pretty easy, but by the time we reach the first sprint it's a guaranteed legs burning, heart nearly out of your chest, max effort. To say that this ride is a challenge would be a gross understatement, but I love showing up and employing my "strategy" of trying to hang on. Most of the time I get dropped by the front pack partway through--as does most of the group. The human shrapnel then forms into smaller packs and everyone continues working off of each other until the regrouping point.

This week, something amazing happened, and I stayed right up front the whole way! Since I had already started the mental patting myself on the back process, I decided to ignore the chatter about "tomorrow's race" from my fellow group riders. Nope, pretty sure it was all the new bike and Coach Watson's crazy hill repeat workouts in Mauii; )
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  1. That is the second hottest bike I ever saw (Antonio wins for the hottest). Nice work on the Swammi's ride... my friend Dave is from Cally and he always talks about that ride, when I ride with him I pretend we are doing that ride...

    Hey, I have Kaloko on my schedule for Thursday, do you want to come for the fun?? Coach is plain sick making me do it solo and for the 3rd time this month!

    Take care and write your paper!

  2. Yeah baby! Nice work. Makes me want to come and visit all my So Cal friends and ride with you. Keep at it!!!

  3. Gorgeous new ride for the gorgeous girl.. so pretty! I have heard the scary rumors of swammi's - you are a tough chick. :)

  4. yes. hot hot bike. so glad i got the squirrel first, thus protecting your new ride :)...way to hang with the big boys

  5. What a great bike! Thanks for stopping by my blog and offering encouragement - it means a lot! Way to go with the Swami ride... wow! SUPER job!