Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Latest. . .

Today I finally sucked it up and went to the doctor. It's been 2.5 weeks of no running, and enough is enough, even for a die hard "ignore it and it will go away" theorist, such as myself. At first, I thought it was just a bit of tendonitis that needed a few days of rest, couple of sessions of A.R.T, and some ice. However, none of the above seemed to be helping. Also, the pain and swelling isn't exactly in the right place for achilles. Turns out it's bursitis, which (fingers crossed) can be fixed with some large doses of anti inflammatories. I get to do a little test run on Friday, so we'll see how it goes.

While one heel is out of commission, I've been trying really hard to work on my OTHER achilles heel. . .also known as my swim. In addition to the bonus yardage I've been getting, I've also signed up for once weekly swim technique sessions. The two current stroke projects are bringing my hands way, way further underneath my body and learning to turn my hips much earlier. As Shakira says, "Hips Don't lie" and right now, my stroke is disconnected, with my top half twisting one way and bottom half the other.


As you might imagine, this throws off overall timing of the stroke, so I'm attempting to fix that.

Fortunately, I've also been able to bike a lot, thus maintaining some sanity. Last week I put in about 350 miles, which is a pretty big week for me, though not quite a record. Hoping the heel thing corrects itself STAT, otherwise you may find me trying to beg my way onto a RAAM (Ride Across America) team!


  1. It was nice to meet you and all of your team mates at Lavacamp. I am amazed at how fast you all are!!
    Sorry to see that your heel is bothering you, I hope it gets better real soon.

  2. shake it, shakira! 350 is just insane....crossing my fingers for your heel- go cortisone!

  3. You're not just putting in the miles on the bike, you're kicking ass! Stay positive and you're running will come back stronger than ever! (I'm saying my prayers for both of us!) It's been great having you back and training w/ you. Palomar is calling your name =)

  4. 350! Holy cow... I once got over 200 miles on the bike... send some of those miles my way when you're done with them...

    HOPE your foot/heal ect. get better asap!

  5. hips don't lie - so witty you are, get better. i went to urgent care to find out had asthmatic bronchitis.....probably didn't help the run. Get better KM.