Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's in the Bag, Baby

Done. And DONE. The last bit of Maui camp training is in the bag! 3 weeks of some of the most intense training I've ever experienced is over and it feels good to reflect on the hard work, fitness gained, and friendships formed during our time here. Today was an easy day of recovery workouts before heading to Kona tomorrow for one final week of Hawaii training.

Torture Tuesdays, Super Saturdays, and Suffer Sundays (typically our hardest training days of the week, although trust me, it's all relative!) certainly lived up to their names. There were times when I wasn't sure I could make it through the next swim stroke or run interval, much less the entire session. Nearly all of the time, things turned out much better than expected. From those workouts, I learned valuable lessons about pushing new limits and not setting boundaries. Then, there were the other times. Times when the "ask and ye shall receive" dictum was clearly not applicable to that day's training--'cause, trust me, I was asking in every way I knew how.

Besides the fact that our end of camp celebration night was a complete flop--we could not even rally to make the 3 block trek for our celebratory beers, err, beer--there have been several other telltale signs that we've been working hard. Case in point: the day I lost my phone twice in less than twelve hours. First in Costco (by the apples NOT at the frozen yogurt stand (ok, they sell other things there too, but Costco sized hot dog? no thanks), I'm told, thank you very much. Several people lost money on that one). Then, less than 5 hours after retrieving it, I left it by the cash register (along with my credit card) while on a bike ride. Thankfully, I just happened to glance over my shoulder as the kind lady came chasing out after me.
Also, strange food cravings. The other day, I watched my camp roomate, Lisa, assemble a PB and banana / hummus and egg sandwich. My only thoughts: yum.
There have been other indicators, as well, but since I've also been too tired to stay up blogging at night, it's now time to dart off to our first big Kona workout--the climb up Kaloko. More later!